One of my office desktop computers is an HP Compaq 6000 Pro that originally had Windows 7 as the operating system. I upgraded it to Windows 10 and it had a few problems that seem to have abated over the last three months. This morning I was logging into my file server from the windows 10 computer to stream some videos and everything ran great for the first three. When an mpg video was selected, the computer became unresponsive and the progress wheel on the cursor started turning and hasn’t stopped. I tried to open Task Manager by right-clicking on the task bar and nothing happened. Whatever program was selected on the desktop, nothing happened when I double-clicked or right-clicked on them.  I tried the keyboard short-cut for task manager and this did start a menu which did allow me to start the task manager. In task manager, I tried to close different processes and they wouldn’t respond.  I finally found Windows Explorer in the list and killed it and I thought It was ready to use, but no icons were on the desktop.  Now I started the new task under file and tried “explorer” and the screen blinked and desktop appeared and was blank.  I did ALT-Ctrl-Delete buttons again and chose Sign -out and it froze on the “Signing Out”  so I powered it down with power button – even Windows 10 can become unresponsive!


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