Many years ago I recall using my Windows 10 laptop on a service call when suddenly it restarted with a Windows 10 update.  I don’t think it gave me an option to delay it or stop it.  When everything was done updating, my bookkeeping program was corrupt and wouldn’t start.  I remember spending two or three days repairing it and getting it working. Ever since then, I’ve been learly of Windows updates.

I have a Windows 11 laptop and I use it out in the field at clients.  I’ve noticed that now Windows updates don’t force a restart on you like Windows 10 did for me in the past.  I had one last week and it gave me a choice to schedule a restart to install the update or to do it then.  It didn’t just abruptly restart on it’s own so I was glad to see that. 

Have you encountered Windows 11 updates yet?  Let me know what you thought. 

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