Microsoft Windows 10 can sometimes interupt your computer life when it wants to install updates and reboots.  It’s done it to me several years ago and it screwed up my Quickbooks data.  A client this week wanted me to shut off the updates on his Windows 10 main computer.  The best I could do on short notice was postpone the updates to June 17, 2021. 

The next thing was to reduce the time during the day it could be updated.  I did this under Windows Update- change Active hours.  They were set to 5AM to 11PM.  This meant the installation window is a six hour window:  2300(11PM) to 0500 (5AM).  So if he is working on his computer anywhere between 5 AM and 11PM, Microsoft Windows won’t install and reboot the computer.  

I read in a computer book recently that Windows 10 Pro can have updates disabled completly and when I discover if this is true, I will share. 

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