Once in a while my own computers have problems and today was one of those times.  I keep my Quickbooks accounting program for my business on an old Lenovo Thinkpad laptop. The majority of the time it works well when I’m at a client’s location or at my office. 

Today I woke it up from hibernation and expected it to open my Windows 10 desktop. To my dismay, It went blank and shut down.  Then I realized it had been unplugged from electrical power and completely depleted the battery overnight.  This might have been what started my tale of woe. 

I plugged it back in to power and turned it on.  This laptop can boot into Linux or Windows and I chose Windows.  The Windows startup process began and then the progress wheel began turning. I felt relieved, but then the screen went blank and never recovered to the Windows desktop. Task Manager was started and I ran Explorer to try and get back the Windows Desktop. It didn’t work and I powered the laptop down with the power switch.

The laptop was turned on again and I let Linux start which it did with no problems. I restarted the laptop again and let Windows start and eventually I got the Administrator user to log in, but the desktop was blank and unusable.

Somehow, I got my user account to log in and I got Quickbooks to start.  It may have been Windows 10 built-in repair tools that fixed it or maybe me doing it flipping back and forth between the administrator account and mine.  I’m just glad it’s working now and I was sure to backup my Quickbooks data before I shut it down.

Error Loading Windows 10

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