I was at a client’s office not long ago working on their windows 10 desktop computer which was fairly new. We woke up the computer so I could setup some things on their computer. We were greeted with a “Windows 10 updating’ -Please don’t shut down” screen. We couldn’t pause or stop it so we had to let it finish and and hour later it was through.  Luckily, I did some wireless router configuring so we didn’t lose any time.  It would have been better if we had a choice to run the update or not. We couldn’t control it and it installed when it wanted to and kept us from changing it.  

The ironic twist: I had my Windows 10 laptop running and Quickbooks open all during the service call. Near the end of the service call, I looked at my laptop’s screen because I was going to enter some more notes in Quickbooks.  To my amazement, my laptop was now updating Windows 10!  I don’t remember seeing any warnings or message and had to wait until it was done before I could leave. This forced update system is terrible and I’m going to investigate to see if there is a way to disable it. I remember previous windows versions allowed you to modify the update settings.

When I arrived to my next stop and tried to open Quickbooks, guess what happened: It wouldn’t run properly.  I spent hours trying to repair Quickbooks on this laptop in the next week and finally gave up. My Quickbooks company file was not corrupted because it opened on my backup laptop and desktop computers.


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