One of my computer repair clients is a surveying company who surveys properties all over our area.  Before they go out into the field, they do research on the property so there are fewer surprises when they arrive. One of the things they do is print plots of the properties on their two laserjet printers.  It gives them a guideline so they know what to expect when they are searching for the property markers.

Shortly after I set up a new computer for them this year, I was contacted about an issue. They were trying to download and print a survey plot from the County web site. It was taking much longer than it should and my client didn’t know why.  They were using Internet Explorer and I connected remotely and tried it in another web browser.  This too was slow so I started looking for the reason.  I ran the built-in Windows 10 diagnostics and found the resources were being used mostly for downloading Windows updates in the background. This was a new computer so many Windows updates were being downloaded.  Once the download was finished, the plot downloads and printing were very fast again.  

I like the way Linux downloads are handled because you have to start them manually unlike the  Microsoft Windows way of doing it when it wants to.  It is possible to set the windows update to manual instead of automatic if it is interfering with your work.

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