One thing bothers me about Microsoft Windows 10 web browsers – they don’t identify themselves. When I say identify themselves I am speaking about listing their browser name in the browser title bar header at the top.  I’ve tested Opera, Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Edge in Windows 10 and none of them list their browser name. This is aggravating when I have many web browsers open at once and need to know which one I’m using at the time. This forces me to open the browser’s settings and check help or about to find the name.

In Linux Mint it’s different. Every web browser I use – Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Tor – display their name in the title of their header and it is so much nicer to use.  I remember in Windows XP and maybe 7 that they did list their name in the browser headers. Sometime, I’d like to find out if there’s a way to fix this in Windows 10 or if it’s a permanent situation.


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