My business is not just technology but it’s also people.  When a client is upset over their problem it can be challenging to obtain the information I need to proceed to a solution.  Last week I was at a client which was under some stress and they told me incorrect information about their computer. I proceeded with the wrong information and created extra work that had to be changed later.

It all started when I asked them questions about how they wanted the Microsoft Windows accounts to be configured.  They thought I was referring to their main program inside of Windows.  So I created multiple users in Windows so each user had a separate login account. 

The whole time they meant their main program which I never touched and left it as it was. It already had multiple accounts for the users.  I went to show them how each person would log into Windows and confusion ensued.   They couldn’t tell who was logged into Windows and when they logged out, the preexisting users confused them.  The preexisting users were removed because they weren’t wanted any longer.  Now they said they just want one user account for all users and I made that happen by removing the unwanted ones.

Now they are happy and can use the computer and main program without user problems.  When I’m told incorrect information, the results are usually wrong.


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