Microsoft Windows 10 has a feature for taking screen-shots and saving them to a file folder. You hold down the Windows button (near the space bar) and tap the Printscreen key(labeled Prt Scrn). It’s supposed to save in the (username)\Pictures\Screenshots folder.

One of my business clients has several computers in their company and one of them started losing their screenshot functionality one day. The folder they were supposed to be in was not available. When they tried to do a screen shot like they had in the past, they never showed up anywhere. The original destination wasn’t local, but on one of their servers. Their previous computer person must have set this up because this isn’t normal.

The problem coincided with a DNS problem on this same computer. I couldn’t solve the sudden DNS issue where the Windows 10 computer couldn’t access the server by name any longer.  Every other computer could so I knew it was the computer’s problem. Several troubleshooting steps yielded no solution yet other network devices could be contacted by name. The server could be accessed by IP address.   The user of the computer needed to find where their their screenshots were going. I finally solved the problem by mapping the network folder by IP address and not the name.

Now the user can find their screenshots in the network folder just as they had in the past.

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