Last month I encountered the most infected Windows computer I have ever experienced. When I started the project I had no idea how much work I was going to put in on it.  Early on in the project, I found it had anti-malware software that had expired and didn’t work correctly.  I had to manually remove the program and then download and install it. Now I could focus on disinfection of the laptop.

Several tools were used for disinfection and the first were Anti-malware Linux boot CDs.  The advantage of these tools are that the laptop’s operating system, Microsoft Windows 10, is dormant during the process and the malware can’t do any harm. Many infections were discovered and eradicated.  Next, I let Windows 10 start and the resident anti-malware program found many infections running in memory. These were removed and a full scan found infections as well.

Next, Anti-malware scanners were installed and used to scan and remove more malware.  I searched Control Panel in Windows 10 and removed many unwanted program the user accidentally downloaded.  The last thing was using the resident anti-malware program to do a deep scan for malware including rootkits and it actually found one and removed it.

I’m glad to be done with this challenge and hope I don’t see one this severe for a while.


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