It took me a while but I own a Windows 11 computer after it has been out a few years. I tried to install windows 11 on all my Windows 10 computers over the past few years and none met the hardware requirements. Some software hacks and tweaks I found were tried and didn’t work so I gave up.

This month a new client in North Carolina needed remote control work and phone support on their new Windows 11 desktop computer. We were having issues getting programs installed probably since I didn’t have a lot of 11 experience. That’s when I decided to just buy a new laptop with 11 on it so I can get better on it.

After using Windows 11 on my own laptop it doesn’t act much differently than Windows 10. The thing I remember on the Windows 11 installations I worked on last year was installing programs was harder than on Windows 10. We also had issues on my North Carolina client. I think it had something to do with the Microsoft store and programs being blocked. On my 11 laptop, it never stopped me installing programs from non-Microsoft store locations. So I don’t know if it’s some kind of new security or something else. I’ll find out on my new laptop.

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