One of the features of Microsoft Windows 11 I read about  last year was intriguing. It’s Linux running as a Virtual Machine (VM) called the Linux subsystem.  It can be installed from the Microsoft Store and I tried earlier this year without any success. 

I love Unix and Linux and have been using and studying it for probably 20 years.  This was a great way to have Linux inside Windows 11 and use them simultaneously.  This week I finally got it to work after researching on the internet.  I had to install a virtual machine process in the Window settings- Windows features- turn Windows on and off.  I turned on the “Virtual Machine Platform”.  Then the next time I clicked on Windows subsystem icon. it started and didn’t error out.  The Linux version installed was Mint 20.x.  

Have you used the Linux Subsystem yet?  Tell me about it.

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