I was helping a computer repair client of mine with a client of theirs recently. My client was attempting to access their client’s Microsoft Windows computer via a remote control service on their own Windows 7 computer.  They tried for  hours one day and never connected. After hours of frustration set in, they asked me to find out why they couldn’t connect to their client’s computer.  Their  client said their computer was powered on and they remote control software was running. 

My investigation began and I tried connecting to the remote computer and got the same connection error message(computer has been off-line 7 hours)as my client.  I called their client on the phone and found out they leave the laptop running while they leave the location for the day.  They assured me the computer was running and the remote control software is running when they leave. I asked them if they hibernate the laptop or put it to sleep. They said no and the only other thing is they close the lid on the laptop when they leave. Bingo!  I explained when the lid is closed on a laptop computer, it goes to sleep and no would be able to remote in to it. 

Now my client successfully connects to their client’s laptop because the lid isn’t closed any longer.

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