A Fort Wayne computer repair client had a Windows 7 laptop which wouldn’t allow them to log into Windows. It was returning a User Profile error every time the correct password was entered.  Then the login process started all over again and it prompted for the password.  There was only one Windows user configured so they couldn’t try another user and password.  We couldn’t access Windows in normal mode to create a new user or I would have tried that. The laptop was restarted in Safe Mode which allowed me to log in as the user.  I researched the error and it seemed to have many different causes with no easy solution.  Windows System Restore was started and the closest restore point was picked.  I was surprised to find it actually restored correctly and the user’s Windows profile was repaired and they could log in again. My experience is that Windows system restore doesn’t always restore correctly and when it does- it doesn’t always solve the problem.  In this case it did and I’m glad I tried it! 


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