It’s good to know what’s running on your Windows computer. I found a nice tool in Comodo Internet Security which is my software security product of choice for Microsoft Windows products. It has three main parts to the suite and my thought is if one of them fails to stop an intrusion, the other ones will. It can be annoying until it’s configured to allow the obscure programs on your computer to run. Common programs are in its database and they are allowed to run. This week I discovered a helpful tool within the suite called Killswitch which monitors advanced processes and system activity.  It’s sort of difficult to locate with all of Comodo’s features.  It’s under General-More-View Connections.   It allows you to select between System and Network connections. The system selection has many sub-categories so you can look at each process running, applications and services installed.  Tools has some more goodies to further analyze your computer. The Autorun analyzer has many parts to it and displays things starting up when your computer starts. 

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