Today I worked on a client’s Windows 8 laptop Where all of the desktop icons disappeared.  Previously 2 icons were missing and then all of them disappeared.  I haven’t worked on Windows 8 for a while and I had to recall how to maneuver in it. I used the Windows key often to bring up the desktop frequently.   Different settings were checked like personalize and display.  I tried locating the program EXEs for the shortcuts and couldn’t locate them.  Eventually, I found the problem under the desktop settings by right-clicking on the desktop.  Under the view sub-menu was a “Show desktop icons” and it was not checked.  Once I selected and checked it, all the icons reappeared!

My client was happy now that they could access the programs from the desktop again.  has this ever happened to any of your computers?  I looked in windows 10 and it had the same “Show desktop icons” setting

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