I still have at least one Fort Wayne Computer Repair client using Microsoft Windows Vista on a computer they’ve had for many years. It’s given us problems over the years, but I have been able to rectify them and keep it running. 

It’s now time to get a new computer because I was reading an article in March that Vista is officially retired. This means Microsoft will no longer release security updates as vulnerabilities are discovered in Vista. It’s not safe to use on the Internet any longer. 

I am delivering a new Windows 10 computer to them this week and I’ll move their files, bookmarks and other data from their old computer to the new one.  I’ll install Comodo security, a media player, a couple of web browsers, an office suite, and a remote control program so I can work on it from the Internet when they have problems.   

If you’re using Microsoft Windows Vista or another retired operating system, please consider retiring it for a newer Windows version or Linux.



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