Yesterday I wrote about my HP laptop that has Linux and Windows XP on it. It’s used only for my Video hardware convertor and programming my ham radio Handie-Talkie. I didn’t mention that It’s never put on the internet in Windows XP – So it’s never exposed to malware. Having Linux also on the computer means I can boot into it and safely browse the internet. Also I can scan the Windows XP partition for malware with a Linux virus scanner just in case something nasty does sneak in.

This laptop was gently used by my wife when it was hers and the battery can still hold a 1 to 2-hour charge. I like it’s non-glare screen and the keyboard feel as I type. The one thing which gives its age away is the square disply design. Newer screens are all rectangular nowadays.

If you have an old laptop still in service, share how you use it in the comments. I’d like to hear the story.

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