I liked Microsoft Windows XP as an operating system and used it for many years. Unfortunately, it has been retired and isn’t being maintained by Microsoft any longer.  This means as security vulnerabilities are discovered in the operating system, they won’t be repaired and if you’re on-line and found by malware or a hacker, it will be bad news.  Consequently, you shouldn’t be using it on the internet or sharing files any longer with it.  What can you do with a Windows XP computer?  When I encounter one of these old computers, I install the Linux operating system on them.  Linux has many versions or distributions available and my current favorite is Mint.  Linux Mint 18 just came out and I’ve installed it on two windows XP computers  in two days.  Linux Mint is free, robust, secure and easy to use.  I have a link to their site on my resource page of my site, gconsult.us.  To make a installation CD, browse to the site and click on Download button.  Pick a repository location near you and wait for the ISO to download.  then open your DVD burning software or click on the ISO file and the program should open.  I use Brasero disk burning program in Linux.  Once you burn the ISO image to a DVD, it can be used to boot from on the Windows XP computer.  Follow the directions and you’ll have a new operating system on a old computer that should bring you continued use for a normally end-of -life computer.  Let me know if you need service or support with this.screenshot-from-2014-10-14-200656

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