I was walking the dog around the neighborhood today and walked past one of my neighbors as they were trimming some vines in their yard. They also happen to be a computer client of mine. We talked about our dogs and other things before he said, “Let me ask you something.”  Somehow they lost the web browser icon on their Microsoft Windows desktop and didn’t know how to start the Chrome web browser.  He has no idea where the icon went  so I asked them a few questions which they couldn’t answer. 

I said they might be able to start Chrome from the Start menu if they look under the Programs heading or Chrome.  They said they would try it.  After thinking about it, my bet is they accidentally deleted the Chrome desktop icon. To get it back all they should have to do is open the recycle bin, find the deleted icon, and then restore it.  This isn’t the first time a computer client of my lost something on their windows Desktop and it won’t be the last.

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