I was having a meeting at a Fort Wayne business on a Saturday and my client mentioned his Microsoft Windows computer was a problem. It was not browsing to all of his desired web sites like it had in the past. It got so bad they put their laptop next to the desktop PC so they could browse to the sites. I started asking questions and looking at the web browser and it was Internet Explorer.

From my experience, Internet Explorer has more problems in general than other web browsers. Also, it’s not being updated any longer so my client had the latest Internet Explorer yet it was several years old.  We tried a different web browser and it worked well opening all his web sites. I set his home pages to his desired sites and my client was happy to be able to browse the internet on his desktop computer. Now the laptop could be used for something else in the business.

Remember, Microsoft isn’t the only choice for web browsers. You have others out there and you can find them on my web site under Resources.

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