One of my computer repair client is a neighbor of mine and as I walking the dog last week, he asked me something: “What is that thing at the bottom of my computer?”  It’s called the Windows taskbar and it has many features and uses. It is usually located on the bottom, but the user may move it to either side or even the top.

One of the things I use is the status area on the far right of the taskbar.. You can see the time, status of whatever security program is installed, status of my networking link, and battery status of laptops. If more status icons are available and won’t fit, an expansion double arrow appears and you may click it to expand.

Another important use is to see what programs are running. You can hover over one of them and close the program,  bring to the foreground, or minimize the background if it’s maximized.

The last thing I’ll mention is the task manager can be opened from the taskbar by right-clicking on it. The task manager is a good windows management tool which has many, many options as in killing an unresponsive program or tracking resources. 




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