A Fort Wayne computer client of mine called me today about his Windows 10 computer and Google Earth. They work with groundwater and watershed issues and maps are important for his consulting company.  They double-clicked on the downloaded icon for Google Earth and the installation looked like it was working with the progress bar slowly traveling to the end of its path. It never got to the end and sat there for a long time. 

They called me for guidance and I asked if general Internet browsing was working and it was. Perhaps the downloaded file was garbled or corrupt and he said he downloaded more than once with the same results each time. At this stage I suggested the computer be rebooted in case a setting or memory needed cleared.  I got a call back and they said it solved the problem and the installation was successful once it was started after the computer reboot.

Sometimes a computer reboot is needed to repair a computer problem. It doesn’t always work, but in this case it did.  The longer a Microsoft Windows computer stays running, the more apt it is to have software and OS problems as my general rule. So it’s not a bad idea to reboot or shutdown your Windows computers routinely to prevent problems.


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