Sometimes, operating system updates can bring a computer to a halt. Normally, they work fine and do what they are intended to do which is fix a known problem. They also can patch a security issue and protect the computer from malicious software like viruses and spyware.  The recent Spectre/Meltdown issue forced operating system and hardware makers to release patches for all kinds computers and devices.  Some of the patches caused other problems such as rebooting and freezing computers.

One of my business clients called last month when their Windows 7 desktop computer(which runs the company) was rebooting continuously every 5 minutes.  Upon arrival I started the computer and it restarted on me as well.  I tried Safe Mode and it didn’t restart and now I could focus on the problem. System Restore was disabled so I couldn’t access this Windows feature.  After reviewing the Installed Windows updates, I found two which came in a few days ago and this is when the issue arose. They were removed one at a time and once the problematic one was found, it was removed and the computer was back to normal. I did some other housekeeping afterwards and everything is great on the computer now.

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