I get asked to do a wide variety of tasks for my computer clients and last month a client needed something I think is very helpful.  They wanted to add another monitor to their current Windows 10 desktop computer.  They just have one monitor now and it’s getting to be a chore to minimize and and then maximize their program windows back and forth to do their work. They have two main programs they use for business and both will not fit on the single  monitor at once.

I asked them to send me a picture of the back of the desktop PC showing the ports so I could examine what video was available.  After looking at the pictures it was apparent that the PC had three video ports which would allow three monitors.  I instructed them to purchase an HDMI monitor which they did.  Their current monitor was a VGA type.

Once they bought and brought home the new monitor with a cable it was connected to the PC.  They were having problems configuring their Windows 10 OS to use both monitors and called me for help. We tried it via remote control instead of in-person and it went very smooth. I told Windows 10 to use both monitors independently of each other and which monitor was to have the windows button. My client is pleased with the monitors and is more productive on his computer.


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