One of my office computers is an old Dell Desktop which originally had Windows XP on it. I installed Linux in place of XP and It’s used for everything a Windows computer can do.  It’s set up with a dual-monitor configuration so more programs and windows can be displayed at once on the two monitors.

For the last year or so, one of the monitors will flicker and jump intermittently which makes it hard to read the screen.  I’ve lived with it because the problem would come and go and didn’t do it all the time. The other reason was it might be the video card and I didn’t want to have to take the computer apart to trouble shoot it.

This morning it did it again and I started to think about the cause.  I checked the video cable at the monitor and it was loose. As it was wiggled back and forth the screen flickered. The two monitor cable screws on the monitor video connector were tightened to the monitor.  I’ve had the computer and monitor on all day and it hasn’t flickered or jumped since. Let’s hope the problem is solved!

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