I was at one of my business computer repair clients recently helping them increase the performance of their computer network.  One of the employees had a Laser printer next to their windows  computer and asked me for help with it.  It was connected directly to the network with an ethernet cable and not through a USB cable.  This means it has an IP address so the network computers can direct print jobs to it.  My user said the laser printer’s IP address changed periodically and he would then have to change his computer’s printer IP address to match the printer.  I decided to make it easier for the user and attempt to set his printer to a static(permanent) IP address so he doesn’t have keep altering his computer to print.  I first tried to change the printer’s IP address type through the front panel . I found the menu and configuration, but everything I tried failed.  The user showed me how he accessed the printer through a browser interface by typing in the IP address of the printer:  Once this was done, I had to determine the admin password in order to login. I found the credentials and then moved around in the console looking for the place to change the type of IP address.  Under Manage-Network-LAN I located the settings for IP and I changed DHCP to static and set the IP permanently to DHCP is an IP leasing system which leases an IP address to computers on a network as needed.  It runs on a server or router and makes it easier to configure a network.  Once I set the IP type to static and set the IP, the user shouldn’t have to do make any changes to his computer to print to it.    

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