A friend asked me for help Wednesday on their business desktop computer in their small business. It was connected via a wireless network card to their wireless router for internet connectivity.   Intermittently, it would drop its network connection. I asked again on the network connection type (hoping it was Ethernet) and they assured me it was wireless. All the other computers in the network worked well and don’t drop their connections, Ethernet is more reliable and usually faster than wireless because obstacles in a building like walls, metal, and radio devices can interfere.  They said the desktop computer was close to the router so obstacles shouldn’t be an issue.

My friend has a laptop and it connects well when it’s used on this network.  After thinking about it and having never visited the network I came up with some suggestions.  I said it’s either a defective network card or the wireless network card driver needs updated.  My friend took this info and went back to their network to try my ideas out. I saw them today and they said after updating the wireless network card driver, it seems to be stable and doesn’t lose network connection.  Time will tell if really solved it, but it sounds like it has for now. 

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