The Inspire Networking Group meets Thursdays at Angel’s Cafe on the Northeast side of Fort Wayne and is run by Windy Cobb and June Emerick. It’s a business group which can be serious and still have fun.  We meet at a big table right by the front door so we get to see customers coming and going. I really like the friendly atmosphere and business friends I see here. It’s an open group meaning anyone may attend even if a regular attendee is in the same business category as you.  Regular attendance isn’t required, but it does help my business when others see me regularly.  A neat thing happened last month while June and I were both there.  Everyone was sitting around our table and I was facing the front door when Mark from Tim Didier Meats walked by me.  He is in sales and marketing for them and I have known him for several years.  I have done computer and IT work for Didiers since 2009 and Janet Didier discovered me through a networker who used to do work for them.  I invited him to join us and after he sat down at our table. he conversed with Carol, June and the other networkers.  June knew of a networker with a new restaurant who was out of a particular meat product.After our meeting, Mark visited the restaurant  to see how he could help. Happily, Mark got them the meat and now has a new satisfied customer thanks to great timing and great networking.  This never would have happened if we had been hidden away in a private conference room for our group. I like having a networking group in a public area so other business people can see us and join us.

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