On Tuesdays at noon in New Haven, Indiana I run a business networking group for the New Haven Chamber of Commerce. We are open to everyone and don’t limit one person per business category. Even though it’s sponsored by the Chamber, one doesn’t have to be a chamber member to attend.  I think just those two facts make this a good group. 

But wait – there’s more!  We don’t charge any fees or dues. We have a private, large room to meet and share our businesses with each other. Everyone has one to two minutes to share their job or business with us and we give testimonials occasionally for each other. Our meetings are done in an hour or less and after everyone gives their talk, there is plenty of time to talk to each other in an open setting.  It can get pretty loud. We also don’t have any attendance frequency requirements, but more often is better than less often from my experience.

So you can see there are some great reasons to join us Tuesdays at Rack and Helens in New Haven on Broadway Street. Oh I forgot another one: no RSVP is needed- just show up when you can!

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