Now that I’m co-running a networking group, I haven’t been attending other groups like I did in the past. Mainly because I am promoting my Tuesday group by various means like creating a business card for it, telling other businesses our group in person, and posting the meeting on social media.

I still care about and promote the other networking groups because networking has helped me in many ways in the past 11 years and hope you promote them, too. We never know who will benefit from networking groups and I feel everyone needs to know they exist. 

I did make it back to Georgetown Plus Networking Group a few weeks ago after about a 3 month absence. There were people there who had never seen me even though I have been networking at other groups for a long time.  Next year, I will visit the other groups more frequently to at least in stay in touch with those networkers who only attend one group. It’s been about four weeks since I’ve been to the Windy Cobb group on Thursdays and my training schedule seems to interfere with it at times.

It’s ok to focus on just one networking group, but I would visit the other groups occasionally so the people who only attend one of the others don’t forget you.

New Haven Chamber networking Group Millies Cafe 2006


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