The New Haven Chamber of Commerce networking group met last Tuesday at Rack and Helens bar and Grill.  We start at noon and are done with the formal meeting at or before 1PM.  Everyone gets a minute or two to talk about themselves and their business then the next person takes their turn.  We may give testimonials after the person is done with their talk.  After everyone is done with their commercial, the real networking happens where people will start talking to each other with many conversations going on at the same time.  You don’t have to be a chamber member to attend or be from New Haven.  My focus is to get local New Haven businesses to attend and before the meeting I walked around downtown New Haven and invited business owners and employees to our meeting.  Monika, Sue and Charlie from the chamber spreads the word about us to entice more people to attend.  Vic who also facilitates the group sends out an email to the attendees every week.  After every meeting, I take a picture of us to post on social media to generate interest and entice more people to return.  Come out and join us every Tuesday noon and have lunch and share your business with everyone.

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