Every Tuesday at noon you can find me at Rack and Helen’s Bar and Grill facilitating the New Haven Chamber of Commerce Networking Group. This week we had about 14 people and we had about the same number last week.  We are an open group which means we don’t restrict attendance based on business categories. As an example, you may see two CPAs at a meeting or two financial people one week. then the next week one CPA and no financial people.

Attendance is another area we don’t restrict.  We don’t require you to be there every week, but I have better results the more often I attend.  This has made some interesting meeting make-up where some people have been attending for a long time, yet they haven’t bumped into the other people because they haven’t been at the same meetings.

You don’t have to be a chamber member or eat lunch so as you can see, it’s very easy to attend our group. Join us next Tuesday for some great business networking from Noon to 1PM.

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