Windy Cobb, a pioneer in starting and running open networking groups for many years, has a business networking group that has become my favorite. It’s called Inspire Networking and meets Thursdays at 9AM at Angels Cafe in Georgetown Square in Fort Wayne. Windy usually has a business topic for us to discuss. Last week her topic was words and phrases that motivate and inspire. Other topics were business challenges and what motivates us in our businesses.

One reason I like this group is we sit at the big table near the entrance of Angels Cafe. We can see everyone coming and going the restaurant. Another reason is that it’s a relaxed atmosphere here where we converse with each other and eat if we choose.

A couple of months ago, June was running things and Robin was there as well as Jim, myself and Carol. I was facing the entrance and I saw an employee of one of my computer repair clients walk by and I invited him to join us and he sat down with us. It was Mark with Tim Didier Meats. Coincidentally, June was helping a new restaurant a mile away and happened to know they were running low on certain meats. Mark said he has a freezer full of meat and could help them out quickly.  Now he has a new meat client all due to our networking group.

Come out Thursday mornings at 9 and join us – except this Thursday because it’s Thanksgiving!


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