Tuesdays mean business networking in New Haven, Indiana and today was Tuesday. Our group welcomes everyone because we have little restrictions like business categories. I’m getting complements from people who like that we don’t make you RSVP for every meeting so you can show up at the last minute. And they like the quick, simple format.  Our attendance varies in numbers and people from meeting to meeting and that makes it more intriguing.  The first meeting of 2018 had 14 people and the second meeting had the same number yet only three people were at both meetings!  A lot of people attend the group, but you won’t see them all at one meeting.  They attend at different frequencies, some weekly, some monthly and the rest sporadically. 

We set a record for attendance today with 27 people.

Today’s meeting was a nice surprise with 27 people which is twice the number from last week!  I was proud of everyone because we got through everyone’s talk by 1250PM.  The best part is after the formal meeting we are free to talk to each other one-on-one or in larger groups for as long as we wish.

We couldn’t all fit around the tables today.

We had at least four new people today

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