Tuesdays will be different for me after March 28, 2023.  This is the day I closed the New Haven Chamber networking group.  Since April 2016, we met almost every week at three different locations in the New Haven, IN area.  We were an open business networking group that had few rules for attendance. I made it easy to attend.  You didn’t even have to belong to the Chamber and it didn’t cost you any money for the meeting. We welcomed everyone and didn’t restrict by business category and you would see people from the same occupation at meetings.

We started out meeting at Rack and Helens on Broadway and this lasted three years.  Our next location was Smokehaus Grill near the park for two years.  Our last location was 469 Sports in the shopping center near highway 469.  At each location we had a private room which made it nice.

After our wonderful Indiana governor closed businesses in 2020, our attendance fell off substantially.  469 Sports was closed for a while and we didn’t meet.  I don’t recall how long we didn’t meet, but as soon as we could I got us back in the restaurant and meeting again.   It was a struggle getting people back to the group and  we never did get back to the attendance levels of the old days.  We were anywhere from 12 to 25 people.   

It was ironic that our last meeting had FOUR new people in attendance yesterday.  It was their first and last meeting which is sad.  

If you’d like to read and see the history of the group, browse my blogs and search under New Haven chamber networking.  There are several pictures on Social media I’ve posted for seven years.

The last few days I’ve spent removing the web page I created on my business web site and removing the Facebook page for the group.  This took several hours over three days just to remove the Facebook page because they buried the procedure in the management console.  Next is removing the LinkedIN page for the group.

Remember, we don’t meet any longer and please investigate the other networking events the New Haven(IN) Chamber has for you.

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