June 16th was the weekly meeting of the New Haven(IN) Chamber networking group. We met at the usual spot, 469 Sports and spirits in the Lutheran Plaza Shopping Center. I had a salad this time for lunch from the elaborate menu. We had nine people today with a first-timer to this location and two people who haven’t attended since the lock-down. Additionally, one person was completely new to the group.

I’ve been asked to explain my policy for the group meeting since covid-19. The first thing is that the restaurant changed the table arrangement. The tables are not in a circle any more – they are spread out across our meeting room.

If you want to social distance you may sit at a table by yourself and we will respect this. The other option is sitting at a table with other people. Whichever one you choose you’ll be welcomed either way. Yesterday we had nine people sitting at four separate tables. Three tables had two and one had three people.

As far as masks go If you want to wear one then please do. I don’t wear a mask at the meeting and so far none of the group has worn one. The restaurant staff do wears masks. Hand sanitizer is provided at the front door which is nice.

Join us on Tuesday at Noon for business networking where you can advertise your company and talk to others. Look for the Networking sign on the sidewalk in front of 469 Sports and Spirits. We have fun, share business ideas and help each other get business.

After the meeting June 16, 2020.

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