Last week I made computer repair service call to a new business in New Haven. We didn’t know each other until my visit and I will explain how we got connected. It all started as it does for most of my computer repair clients with a networking group. For the past 5 months, I have been co-running an open networking group in New Haven.  One of the networkers told my new client about me. The networker has been attending our group almost weekly and has gotten to know me and I even helped them with a computer issue they were having. Wednesday, my future computer repair client called and during our conversation, I mentioned my LinkedIn account with 40 recommendations, my Facebook Company page with 19 reviews averaging a 4.9/5.0 rating and my web site.  I asked if he was on LinkedIn and he was. After we hung up the phone, I logged into my LinkedIn account, found him, and sent an invitation which he accepted within hours.  Shortly after, he called back to set a time for my first service call on Friday.  It’s fantastic how Business Networking and social Media work so well together and help my computer repair business. 



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