One of the services I offer to my computer repair clients is service calls to your business or home. Many of my competitors don’t have this important service.You have to bring your computers or devices to them and leave for them to hopefully repair. When I am on-site, we can discuss the problem and I can ask questions while I’m doing the work. Maybe you can’t explain the problem- you can then show me in person. You can’t do that very easily at my competitor’s places.  I have you use the computer and test it while I’m there so we both know it’s repaired and can also address issues you forgot about.

I hear about my competitors with stores who say they repaired your computer, but when you pick it up, drag it back to your place, and hook it all back up – you find they messed something up or never repaired the problem.  If the actual problem is something you’re doing incorrectly, I can observe you using the computer and notice it’s you and not the computer. It could also be something wrong with your location’s electrical power or a networking issue with the wiring, hub, switch or router.  My competitors are never going to find this out just looking at your computer in their store. So next time you need computer assistance, consider an on-site consultant like myself instead of a place you surrender your equipment to and hope it’s repaired when you drag it back to your office.

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