All computer OS (operating systems) have periodic updates until they are retired. Microsoft Windows, Apple IOS and Linux are the main examples that most people use. In the past, I’ve written on Microsoft Windows 10 updates and how they’ve forced restarts. One time a forced update restart corrupted my Quickbooks database and it took a whole day for me to repair it. Now I believe Microsoft Windows updates don’t force restarts on the user.

Currently, I use the three operating systems in my work and play. My favorite one is probably Linux Mint. One of the reasons is the updates notify you, but are not forced on you. It’s your responsibility to install them or not. Today I noticed something new on my Linux Mint 20 computer: automatic updates could be enabled. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this on a Linux distro. This reminds me of Microsoft updates of the past where you could make them manual or automatic.



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