I get spam and phishing emails just like you and everyone else in the world.  Sometimes, I analyze them to get the real story.  You can examine the email header in an email message to get more information to determine if it’s fake or not. To get this extra information most email interfaces have buttons at the top.  In one of my email interfaces I click on “View Full Header”.  In my other email it’s called “view source”.  Clicking on these buttons expands the email header with much more information.

Here is a line from one of my email messages which is supposed to be from Network Solutions but it says something different in the brackets: 
   ” From:”supports@networksolutions.com” <dpalmer@eischec.something> “

  It’s really from someone else so I know this is probably a phishing email and not to believe it or click on anything in the body.

Here are snippets from another email message which looked as if it was from a client of mine:                     “<MarkBerman@artisan.net>”   

It looks a little funny because it isn’t Mark’s usual email address.  Maybe he got another email provider.  Let’s look further at the IP address of his email provider:

Received: from mails.turbide.net ([]:19673 helo=mail.turbide.net)”

  The IP address,,  is from the email provider.  I ran a command on it to see the physical location.

” whois″

Here is part of the output:  

“OrgName: Le Groupe Videotron Ltee
Address: 150 Beaubien Ouest
City: Montreal
StateProv: QC
PostalCode: H2V-1C4
Country: CA”

As you can see the email provider is in Canada and my client lives in Fort Wayne so I doubt this is from my client even though his name is on it. 

Be careful with emails because they can deliver malware or take you to sites with malware on them.


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