I get phone calls and social media messages at all different times of the day for computer repair from current and new clients.  I try and answer them if I’m not with a client or involved in a project, but sometimes I have to let them go to voice-mail.  I try and return the call as soon as I can with a text message or phone call. People like to know I got their message even if I can’t get to them immediately. The same applies to Facebook and LinkedIn messaging. One Friday I got a FB message from a networker for computer assistance and was messaging her within a few minutes setting up a possible time to meet. Other times I message them back that I’ll get to them as soon as possible and they like that at least I responded.

Another reason is the task they have for me now may not sound worthwhile, but the next one they have may be huge. So I respond to every call and treat them all as important. Even if they just want to talk to a computer pro and it doesn’t turn into a service call, I call them back.  My clients like that and appreciate my responsiveness.

I hear from people that they will call a contractor or visit a business to get a quote and sometimes never hear from them. I don’t want to be one of those businesses.  If I can’t help them, I tell them and if possible refer them to someone who can.




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