This summer I refurbished an industrial cart for my Mom which had been outside in the weather for many years. Many pictures were taken during the project to record the terrible shape it was in and the various stages. I wanted to share them with others who would be interested.  One of these is a computer client of mine who is also a woodworker and wanted to see pictures of the cart. Since he is on Pinterest(the photo sharing social media site) and I have a Pinterest account, too – I shared the pictures on Pinterest. 

Most of the time it is easy getting pictures into Pinterest because I use my smartphone. This time I had to use my Linux computer since the pictures had been moved off my phone a few weeks ago onto my server.  I assumed I could copy them directly from my Linux server to Pinterest and that’s how I proceeded.  When I dragged and dropped a picture nothing happened – no picture.  So I tried an old computer trick : copy the pictures from the server to the computer you are logged in to and then to the target (Pinterest).  This worked and now pictures are on Pinterest. 

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