One of my strong points is I’m not afraid of technical challenges and I actually enjoy them. Not long ago I was asked to work on something not related to computers. I had a little experience with toilet repair on my own plumbing, but had never worked on anyone else’s.

My client was having problems with their toilet constantly running and wasting water. They started replacing some of the parts of their toilet and the project came to a standstill when the fill tube nut on the underside of the tank couldn’t be removed. My client had the water emptied out of the toilet tank which made it easier for me. I got the nut loosened so the defective fill tube could be removed.  My client had a new fill tube which I installed but didn’t have the matching flush valve and hardware.  My problem was the new fill tube didn’t match the existing flush valve, but I forced the black tube into the top of the flush valve anyway. Miraculously, it seemed to hold so I left it alone.   Next, I had to get the toilet to flush and I actually used something from my computer tool box.  To get the toilet to flush, the handle arm had to be connected to the flush valve bracket. A red, plastic wire tie was used and can be seen in the photo below.  These wire ties are usually used to hold wires together inside computers or in a network cabling situation. 

Now to test my work. The water valve was turned on for the toilet and I checked for leaks at the fill tube. It was dry so I tested the flush. It worked three times and still no leaks so I was happy and so was my client.   I checked back with my client and the toilet still works and hasn’t leaked yet. 

I rarely do plumbing service calls, but it’s fun to do something different and keeps my job interesting. 


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