One of my Fort Wayne computer clients was getting pop-ups on their Windows 10 computer and they didn’t know where they were originating.  While I was at their business working on other tasks, I asked my typical questions and didn’t get any clues from them.

It was occuring in the Windows 10 desktop in the lower right area and not in the middle of the Windows desktop like I assumed.  I starting looking around for unwanted programs and malware and didn’t find any. Next, I looked at the taskbar and opened the notification box on the far right. I think i right-clicked on it and found settings. I saw the first section was Mail which my client liked seeing.  It alerted him when a new email message arrived.  Below that was Google chrome and I asked them if they had installed a Chrome alert and they said no.  This is where the pop-ups were originating!  I unchecked this and no more pop-ups about news stories happened again.  

We still don’t know if they accidentally checked this alert or if they were tricked into activating it.  This was the first time I had ever seen a Chrome news story alert pop-up and I won’t forget it. 

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