I had a printer service call this winter where an color inkjet printer died while my business client was printing a large database of information. An emergency service call was made to see what could be done. The computer was fine and had print jobs in the print queue. The five-year-old printer was another story- There were no lights lit and no noises coming out of it. The printer power button was turned on and off many times with no response. I checked the voltage up to the printer on the power cord and it was correct. Given it’s age and initial cost, a new printer was needed. 

I suggested a black and white laser printer over a color inkjet because my client sometimes does large jobs and prints mostly in black and white. A Black and White Laser would be a better fit than an all-in-one Inkjet because many of the functions wouldn’t be used like the fax and scanner on the inkjet. Another reason is the color function wouldn’t be used much and it would be a waste of the ink.

I made the mistake of buying a color laser for them by myself at a store because they wanted color when I should have went with BW. We ended up returning it because of paper jams and the general design.  When it came time to buy the replacement, my client came with me. We ended up with another a color inkjet against my better judgment, but my client is happy. 

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