I was on a Fort Wayne Computer repair service call this month where my client couldn’t print from their Windows 7 computer to a wireless HP inkjet printer. To remedy their dilemma, they turned off the printer briefly and back on, but nothing printed. I checked the printer under “Devices and Printers” – “See What’s printing” and found 10 print jobs in the queue. The printer port was examined and it was connected to an IP address which matched what it was a week earlier. It allowed me to delete print jobs from the queue so I know it was ok. The printer was on-line in theĀ  Windows 7 printer applet and next I checked the printer itself. I checked the front panel and it looked on-line and the wireless indicator was lit which means wireless functionality was enabled. The last thing I did was power down the printer for a few minutes and back on and to my client’s amazement the printer printed their jobs. They were embarrassed, but happy to have the jobs print.

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