I can help with many different computer situations for my clients.  This was evident on a recent service call with a Windows 8 laptop.  After solving all the problems, I was asked to a  tackle a printer problem on a different computer.

I found a HP 3200 series inkjet printer connected to a Windows desktop computer via a USB cable, I interviewed the user to find out what the history of the problem.  The printer was printing fine up until a few weeks ago.  They also had an inkjet cartridge which was low.

Looking under printers- devices there were 2 duplicate printers numbered 1 and (copy) of 1. The second one had errors on the printer indicated by a yellow triangle icon.  The crazy thing was the first computer queue had print jobs two  years old in it!   Both printer ports were USB under properties.. I deleted the one with errors and then the jobs in the first printer queue began printing.  My client sent some fresh print jobs and they printed immediately. 

My client is happy now and starting printing a spreadsheet that they were waiting on for a week or more. 

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