This week a long-time computer client of mine had an issue with their Chromebook laptop.  After several years reading about Chromebooks in tech articles, this is the first one I ever encountered with a computer client. 

Everything was functioning on it except printing to their wireless HP Printer. Their other devices, an Apple iPad tablet and an Android smartphone, could all print to it so I knew the printer was alright. I began looking at the Chromebook . I opened the Chromebook and tried to print an email, but no printer appeared in the print dialogue box. We had an option for printing to a PDF file, but this wasn’t what we needed.  I went into the settings applet looking for something to do with printing and never found anything.  I went back into the email and somehow between my client and myself, got it to print.  The exact details of the solution escaped me before I could record them, but my client is happy to be to print from their Chromebook.

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