My computer clients have me work on all kinds of equipment and some of them are printers.  Last month I was working on a tablet service call and they also asked me to look at their printer.  It was an inkjet printer from one of the major brands.  I could send a job to the printer without issues.  The jobs wouldn’t print anything on the paper as it fed through the printer.  It made sense to look at the printer hardware since jobs were making it to the printer.  

The printer lid was opened so I could see the inside of the printer for problems.  Now I could see what was wrong: the ink cartridges had leaked out and all over printer movement.   I tried cleaning it out but I couldn’t get anything to print.  I couldn’t determine if it was plugged permanently or not. 

I was going to try new cartridges after I cleaned the printer but they didn’t have any.  I didn’t know if it would be smart to spend any more time on this printer since it may be smarter to buy a new one since I don’t know the extent of the damage.  


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